Garry’s Mod: A Gaming Community

Why People Choose It

Garry’s Mod is a great example of how gaming communities should be run. There are many different game modes, each on their own separate servers. These are run by moderators who have the power to suspend or ban anyone who is deemed to be harassing, bullying or otherwise making the gaming experience unpleasant for others.

This removes the common fear of encountering “trolls” while playing online. It also ensures that everyone plays by the rules. Someone who is AFK (away from their keyboard) can ruin a round. Garry’s Mod gets round this by kicking out anyone who does not move their character after a designated amount time.

Game Modes

Players are able to find their own community. Since there are so many different ways to play the game there is also a vast selection of cliques to choose from. One of the game modes is called “Cinema”. Users roam around a virtual multiplex theater. Each screen can play videos from the internet, chosen by players. Users can then chat about what they are watching. This is the ideal game mode for those who want to have a more passive playing experience.

There are also action packed servers with modes such as Trouble in Terrorist Town. This involves players trying to determine who is the designated villain of the group. Everyone is armed with a multitude of weapons. These include machine guns, grenades and crowbars. The villain must kill off everyone else before they are exposed.

Trouble In Terrorist Town has the most active online community. There are forums dedicated to it, where users post comical memes. They also offer advice to others about how to spot villains, as well as the best parts of the map to hide in. This means that players have to constantly update and perfect their tactics.