What To Look For In A Good Gaming Community


The best gaming communities have recognisable individuals who regularly show up to matches and participate in the team chats. They are the ones who give the community a sense of character. This is also useful for designating different tactic roles. For instance, one regular player will be the best fighter, while another will be the go-to medic.

Games That Update

It is important that the developers of a game keep it up to date. Otherwise, the social side of playing them will suffer. An excellent example of this is Friday the 13th. This was an entirely online based game. Due to a lawsuit, the company behind it was no longer able to provide updates. Therefore, the various bugs and flaws could not be fixed. As a result of this, the community around the game suffered and players abandoned the title.


The best online games will give players the ability to customise their character appearance. The terms “skins” refers to the clothing and other visual elements of this character. Interesting and unique skins can usually be unlocked either by completing in-game tasks or just by paying for them. Teams can also wear uniformed game skins to signify that they are all part of the same group.

Voice Chat

Communication is an essential part of gaming communities. Microphones are the best method of talking with other players. Games tend to require quick thinking in order to win. Therefore communication needs to be fast and in real-time. Voice chat is much more convenient than using typed text.

Expansion to Forums

When players are finished with their gaming session, they should still be able to interact with other members of the community. Forums can be used to chat about tactics and other aspects of the game. They are ideal places to be social.