Single Player Games With Online Modes

Grand Theft Auto ( GTA )

The Grand Theft Auto marque has a long history of using online modes. GTA IV had team deathmatches, races and fun cops and robbers mini-missions. Each player is transported to a shared map where the activity takes place.

When it came time to release GTA V the developers spent a lot more time perfecting their online version. While a single player has a long story, the online mode has even more exciting elements to explore. They also bring back the voice actors to perform cutscenes for it. GTA Online was designed to flow and interact with the single-player experience. The main difference is that users can create their own online character from scratch, allowing them to have more freedom and a greater sense of individuality.

Shadow Of War

Shadow Of War is set in the Middle Earth universe from the popular fantasy Lord of the Rings book and film series. Players control an undead ranger who teams up with the ghost of an elf to take down evil orcs. It is set in the volcanic area of Mordor. The main bulk of the story takes place in single player mode.

Despite this, it is clear that the developers want players to use the numerous online modes. These are seamlessly integrated into the game, to the point where people may not even notice that they exist. One example is a revenge side mission. If another player is killed by an orc character, then others can hunt down the specific creature and avenge their fallen comrades.

Later into the story, users are able to build their own armies and fortresses. Online players can then invade these areas, sparking a war. The belligerent user is tasked with attacking fortifications and conquering castles. The other player must defend them before the time runs out.